How can you make a difference.

Ads got you here? Now it’s time to make a difference! 

Sign up and vote to legalize cannabis in India.

Welcome, Change-Makers!

If you’re here, you’re ready to join the movement to legalize cannabis in India. The outdated laws under the NDPS Act have caused unnecessary harassment, social stigma, and a thriving black market. Millions of Indians, including patients who need cannabis for medical purposes, are suffering.

Legalizing cannabis will not only end the stigma but also boost our economy by creating jobs and generating tax revenue. It will ensure safe, regulated access for those who need it and reduce the dangers associated with the unregulated market.

Now is the time to act! Countries around the world are legalizing cannabis, and India must not be left behind. Let’s make history together. Sign our petition to legalize cannabis and create a brighter, fairer future for all.

Sign the Petition: link

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