aBOUT us

aBOUT us

“ Together, we can create a world where functional stoners are recognized for their achievements and contributions, while dismantling the stigma surrounding herbs. Join us in Dankville as we strive for legalisation, acceptance, and the celebration of the functional stoner lifestyle.”   – O.J.A 

The Dankville is more than just a virtual space - It's a thriving community where you're warmly invited to connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests. Within our tight-knit circle, we don't just encourage but celebrate the creation of unique and supportive gatherings. At The Dankville, we foster a culture of embracing the functional stoner lifestyle, where the herb is a versatile tool for enhancing creativity, relaxation, and productivity.

Here's what you can expect as a member:

Foster Productivity

We firmly believe in the herb's potential to boost creativity, concentration, and motivation. Our community is all about utilizing these qualities while responsibly enjoying herbs. We encourage our members to showcase their achievements and celebrate their journey.

Advocate for Legalization

We stand united in supporting the legalization of herbs for both medicinal and recreational purposes. By sharing educational content, personal experiences, and highlighting the positive aspects of herbs, we're committed to changing public perceptions and building a more inclusive society.

Challenge Stigmas:

Herb users frequently encounter unjust stereotypes and negative judgments. At The Dankville , we take a stand against these stigmas by showcasing accomplished individuals who lead fulfilling lives while incorporating herbs into their routines. Our mission is to inspire and empower others to take pride in their choices and reshape the perception of functional stoners.

Welcome to The Dankville

A thriving community where we unite to create a world that celebrates the functional stoner lifestyle, advocates for legalization, and fosters a sense of belonging among all its members


What is WBM India?

WBM India, a brainchild of The Dankville, is not just an event; it's a unique experience that embraces the essence of responsible herb fun, inclusivity, and good vibes. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or simply curious, this is your tribe—a place where lectures take a back seat, and connections, learning, and pure enjoyment take the front row.

Our aim is simple yet profound, to promote responsible herb consumption and advocate for safe usage practices. We encourage our members to prioritize their well-being, find balance in their commitments, and make informed choices about their herb use. At WBM India, it's not just about getting high; it's about elevating your consciousness and making better choices.

Inclusivity is at the core of our community. We welcome individuals from all walks of life who share our passion for herbs and productivity. It's a safe space where you can freely express yourself, regardless of your background, gender, race, or beliefs. We believe in unity through diversity, and it's what makes us stronger together.

Advocacy and education are the pillars of our vision. Beyond being a platform for creative expression, we actively champion the legalization of herbs and educate our followers on responsible consumption practices. Our informative content, peppered with memes, facts, and quotes about herbs, empowers individuals with knowledge and encourages a more informed approach to herb use.

So, why WBM India? Because we believe that herbs have the power to awaken the mind, soothe the soul, and promote mindful living. 

What's our 'what'? 

It's creating an unforgettable experience where you can wake, bake, and meditate your way to good times and better choices.

We're more than just a community; we're your gateway to a mindful state of living. 

This is who we are, and we invite you to be a part of it !