WBM Amsterdam

An adventure that takes you to the heart of Amsterdam’s vibrant culture, where you’ll explore cannabis-infused creativity, meditation, and spiritual connections. Our seven-day journey combines the city’s rich café culture with transformative experiences designed to awaken your senses and inspire your inner wanderer.

WBM Amsterdam is calling, are you ready to answer?


A mind and soul vacation unlike any other! Join a tribe of like-minded individuals who share your love for holistic wellness and herb. It’s the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax, and expand your circle of friends.

Creating a seven-day itinerary for an event in Amsterdam that combines cannabis culture, meditation, and spirituality while exploring the café culture can be an exciting experience. Here's a suggested itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Amsterdam
- Arrive in Amsterdam and check into your accommodations.
- Welcome dinner to meet the participants and introduce the event's concept.

Day 2: Cannabis and Meditation
- Morning guided meditation session to set the intention for the week.
- Explore Amsterdam's cannabis coffee shops and learn about various strains.
- Evening group meditation for reflection.

Day 3: Amsterdam Exploration
- Canal cruise to explore the beautiful city from the water.
- Visit the Anne Frank House to delve into history and reflect.
- Group discussion on the day's experiences.

Day 4: Spiritual Connection
- Morning yoga and meditation in a local park.
- Explore the renowned Rijksmuseum for art and cultural insights.
- Group dinner focusing on Amsterdam's culinary scene.

Day 5: Cannabis and Creativity
- Cannabis-infused art workshop to encourage creativity.
- Visit the Van Gogh Museum for artistic inspiration.
- Group sharing session to discuss creative experiences.

Day 6: Inner Journeys
- Day trip to Aya's Garden or other nature spots for nature-based meditation.
- Evening cannabis session for self-reflection and spiritual connection.

Day 7: Culmination and Farewell
- Group meditation to reflect on the week's experiences.
- Farewell event, including a shared meal and group discussions.
- Exchange contact information and parting gifts for participants.

This itinerary balances cannabis exploration, meditation, spirituality, cultural experiences, and creative expression, in line with your brand's ideology. Keep in mind that Amsterdam's cannabis laws and regulations may change, so always stay informed and ensure compliance with local laws. Additionally, tailor the itinerary to the specific interests and needs of your participants.


Herb Enhanced Center

Meditation and Mindfulness​

Cultivate inner peace and  self-awareness through guided meditations and mindfulness practices.

Workshops and Education

Expand your knowledge of herb, learn about responsible consumption, and explore its therapeutic potential.

Adventure and Exploration

Discover the beauty of Kasol and its surrounding areas through exciting outdoor activities and nature excursions.

Community and Connection

Forge lasting bonds with fellow stoners who share your passion for herb, mindfulness, and personal growth.

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